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Monday, February 14, 2011

Would youalways be my VALENTINE ?

Today is 14 February 2011 
My valentine this year i won't be lonely , i have my baby boo Mohd Rahman bin Marjohan <3 
i love you b , i hope our relations stick till the end .

ive got a message from him at 12.02am
it was . . .

happy valentine day kat you..tak ade yang boleh gantikan tempat you,love you baby..sory baby i  tak dpt sambut dengan you.. kesian you dpt i tapi i tak boleh sambut valentine day dengan you..

I reply the message at 12.38am sorry lambat balas , tgah mengupdate blog ni hah , hahaha . 

i reply like this 

b..sorry . i tengah update blog , im so sorry b..HAPPY VALENTINE DAY TOO SAYANG . takpe , you takde pon takpe dengan i . yang penting dalam hati i ada you and dalam hati you ada i . itu pun dah cukup b..i will always love you b..

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